ClusterMine360: A Database of Microbial PKS/NRPS Biosynthesis

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Compound Family Details

Family NameBryostatin
Related Compound Families
Pathway Type
PKS - Type I
PKS - Type I (trans-AT)
PKS - Type II
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Collapse Physiological Effects of DrugsPhysiological Effects of Drugs
Collapse Immunologic FactorsImmunologic Factors
Adjuvants, Immunologic
Collapse Therapeutic UsesTherapeutic Uses
Antineoplastic Agents
Image Structure
Contributor Kyle Conway
Boddy Lab
Accession #Organism LineagePathway TypeDescriptionantiSMASH LinkContributorDetails
Proteobacteria (Gamma)
PKS - Type I
PKS - Type I (trans-AT)
PKS - Type II
Candidatus Endobugula sertula BryS, BryR, BryQ, BryP, BryB, BryC, BryX, BryD, and BryA genes, complete cds. View Kyle Conway
Boddy Lab

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