Gene cluster description
PKS/NRPS domain annotation

Gene Cluster 1. Type = transatpks-nrps-t2pks. Location: 551 - 70910 nt. Click on genes for more information.  GBK
    Genes and detection info overview
Predicted core structure

Monomers prediction: gly
  KR activity, KR1: active
  KR stereochemistry, KR1: ?
  NRPSPredictor2 code prediction, A1: gly
  NRPSPredictor2 SVM prediction, A1: gly
  Minowa prediction, A1: gly
    Prediction details
  KR activity, KR1: inactive
  KR stereochemistry, KR1: C2
  KR activity, KR2: inactive
  KR stereochemistry, KR2: C2
  KR activity, KR3: active
  KR stereochemistry, KR3: ?
  KR activity, KR4: inactive
  KR stereochemistry, KR4: C2
  KR activity, KR5: active
  KR stereochemistry, KR5: ?

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Downloadable output files
ADA82581.1 (type i trans-at pks)
ADA82585.1 (hybrid pks-nrps)
Homologous gene clusters

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